First day of Fall Semester 8/15/17. Orientation - Mon. 8/7 9th Gr. Last Name A-L 8am, M-z 12pm; Tues. 8/8 10th Gr. 8- 11am Wed. 8/9 11th Gr 8-11; Thurs. 8/10 12th Gr 8 -11; Fri. 8/11 Make-up 8 - 11AM
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Expanded School Based Management Model (ESBMM) is a model of governance that allows Maywood to engage in self-governance. As an ESBMM school Maywood Academy must comply with state and federal compliancy items, such as child abuse training. Maywood Academy is governed by our School Leadership Council, which is comprised of faculty, staff, parents, students and community members. An example of the work that we have done can be seen in our school calendar.  In addition to council, all Maywood faculty members are part of at least one ESBMM subcommittee. Maywood’s subcommittees include: 1) Budget; 2) Community Outreach; 3) Instruction; 4) School Activities & Calendar; and 5) Student Safety & Operations. Subcommittees meet on a regular basis and provide recommendations to the School Leadership Council. The council then meets on a monthly basis to review subcommittee recommendations.