Campus Closed

LAUSD schools, including Maywood Academy, will continue to be closed at the start of the Fall semester.  On August 28, classes will resume in a "distance learning model".  At this point in time, no in-person classes will take place.   As with the close of last year, students will access their classes by Zoom and Schoology.

In the weeks ahead, you will receive notification of your class schedule and information on how to pick up textbooks and technology.

Grab and Go will continue to be in place at both Bell High School and Ochoa Learning Center.

LAUSD has established a mental health hotline for students who would like additional support.  Mental health counselors can be reached Monday through Friday (6 AM to 6 PM) at: 213-241-3840.  For emergency assistance, please call 911.

We will continue to update all students and staff as we receive additional information.  Thank you for your support.