Prom Dress Attire

Prom is a formal and special night for Maywood Academy seniors and their approved
guests. We hope to maintain the integrity and formality of this night by implementing this
simple dress code.
Guidelines for dresses:
● Dresses may be strapless or include spaghetti straps
● Dresses may be backless as long as they are not cut below the waistline
● 2-piece dresses may not have a bare midriff
● Dresses may not have a slit that exceeds mid-thigh (fingertip length)
● Undergarments should not be visible. See-through apparel is not permitted.
● Casual sandals and flip-flops should not be worn.
Guidelines for dress suits/tuxedos
Formal prom attire may be classified as a tuxedo or dress suit, including a tie, bow tie, and a collared
dress shirt with long sleeves, which may include a vest or cummerbund. Jeans and/or athletic
caps are not permitted.
Students should wear dress shoes for this formal occasion, however, casual athletic shoes
(such as converse) maybe worn.
No bandanas, chains, or canes are permitted.
If you arrive in clothing which does not fit the guidelines then you will not be allowed to enter
and no refund will be provided.
If you are bringing a guest from another school, make sure your guest is pre-approved. It
is your responsibility to make them aware of our dress code policy.
Things to Remember
● Once the student leaves the prom facility and/or grounds, he/she will not be permitted to
● Only approved faculty chaperons on the list, students, and their approved guests with
prom tickets will be allowed into the prom.
● The student code of conduct must be adhered to during the prom. Students or guests in
possession of or under the influence of tobacco, vaping device, alcohol, illegal
substances, or anything prohibited in the student code of conduct will be removed from
the event. All school rules apply to the students during the prom