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Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Eligibility and Entitlement
If you have a serious health condition that may qualify for FMLA protection, you can request for FMLA protection by selecting "Yes" in section 4 and 5 of the Illness Certification of Absence form.  If you don't currently have FMLA designation notice on file, you will be provided with the Health Care Provider form to take to your attending physician to complete.  These forms must be returned with 15 calendar days, unless notice has been provided with a need for additional time.  If approved, your FMLA request will be adjusted accordingly.
In order to qualify for FMLA/CFRA, employees must have worked for LAUSD for at least one year over the past seven years and worked the equivalent of 130 workdays (or 1,250 hours for school police, skilled craft workers, playground aides and classified subs/temps) over the 12 months prior to the first day of absence due to a serious health condition.
For more information on FMLA/CFRA protected absences, go to the Risk Management website.
If you need private insurance/state insurance (EDD) forms to be completed, they need to be sent to [email protected]