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Mission and Vision


Maywood Academy High School students will be responsible citizens with the ability and integrity to thrive in a culturally diverse and technological advanced society.


Maywood Academy High School is committed to facilitating a rigorous and personalized, student centered learning experience that is grounded in effective pedagogical strategies. 



Los alumnos de la preparatoria Maywood Academy tendran la capacidad de resolver problemas con una diversa y tecnológicamente avanzada sociedad. 


La preparatoria Maywood Academy se compromete en  prover una experiencia de aprendizaje riguroso y personalizado, centrada en el estudiante y basada en eficaces estrategias pedagógicas. 


Schoolwide Learner Outcomes:

  1. Strengthen student voice and student-centered instruction strategies in the classroom.
  2. Develop and implement school wide writing and numeracy across the curriculum. 
  3. Create rigorous Common Core aligned tasks for students.
  4. Generate opportunities for students to access curricula via differentiation.