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Graduation Requirements

The goal of the Los Angeles Unified School District and Maywood Academy High School is to provide maximum opportunities for all high school students to meet graduation requirements while completing the requirements for college admission and preparing to enter the workforce college-prepared and career ready. All students are to be provided the opportunities, encouragement and support to complete course work beyond minimum graduation requirements to achieve their postsecondary goals. These opportunities include multiple pathways, advanced placement courses, career technical education, community college courses and internships.

In order to qualify for a high school diploma, each student graduating from the Los Angeles Unified School District in the graduating classes of 2016 and beyond must meet the District graduation requirements described in this Bulletin. This includes students attending magnet schools/centers, continuation schools and opportunity high schools. In accordance with District policy, students with disabilities must meet District graduation requirements in order to receive a high school diploma.

Students graduating from high school in the graduating class of 2016 must meet graduation requirements in the following:

1. Satisfactory completion of 210 credits

A-G Requirements 
A. Social Science 30 Credits
B. English 40 Credits
C. Mathematics 30 Credits
D. Science 20 Credits
E. Language other than English 20 Credits
F. Visual & Performing Arts 10 Credits
G. College Prep Elective 10 Credits
• Any additional course taken beyond in areas A-F
fulfill the “G” requirement

LAUSD Additional Requirements
General Electives 25 Credits
Physical Education 20 Credits
Health Course 5 Credits
Total Credits Required for Graduation 210 Credits

Per LAUSD Guidelines, student’s must earn a D or better to receive credits for courses towards graduation. **Please note that A-G courses should be passed with a C or better if a student wishes to apply to California State and/or University of California Universities.** 

2. Identify a Career Pathway

• During the 9th or 10th grade year, students will assess and evaluate interests, skills, talents and abilities determining a career pathway that the student would like to pursue. As part of the Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP) meeting, counselors will confirm the identification of the career pathway with the student. 

3. Complete a Service Learning Project

• Students are expected to complete a service-learning experience that is integrated into the academic course curriculum. It must contain these 5 elements: Core Academic Learning, Meaningful Service, Student Voice, Reflection, and Collaboration.