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Student Clubs


Get involved!

Maywood has so many clubs just for you!!

Meet new friends while doing something you love!

Have an idea for a club but don't see it here?

Start your own club!


Ask Mr. Mcglynn for more information.


Art Club
This club meets every Wednesday during lunch in C205! See Mr . Hundall for more details.artart
Bible Club
We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch in room D204.  If you have any questions ask Mr. Pineda or Mr. Chavez.
Book Club

We meet every Wednesday during lunch in the Library.

All are welcome!!

Don't forget to join our Schoology group. 

Ask Ms. Gath for the info. 


Chess Club

This club is for anyone who is a nerd,

thinks they might be but aren't sure,

or isn't a nerd but wants to become one!

Come play chess!!!

We can teach you! 




We meet every Thursday after school from 3:30 PM- 4 PM! Please see Mr. Garcia for more information.
Gay Straight Alliance
          We meet every Tuesday and Thursday during
          Ask Ms. Kortkamp or Ms. Longi for details.
Hiking Club
We meet before each hike. For more details see Ms. Kortkamp or Mr. Jeffery in room A216.
Korean Culture Club
We meet on Tuesday during lunch in room C202.
Come check it out! For more information, see Miss Lym.
Photography Club
This club meets every Tuesday and Thursday during lunch in room 219A.  See Ms. McKernan for more details.
Meets every Morning from 8:30 am, Wednesdays at Lunch, and Thursdays after school. See  Mr. Bonilla D206 for details.
Students Run LA
          Let's get ready to race!!

          We meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

               after school from 3:30 pm -4 pm.

          If you have any questions talk to Mr. Navar.