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Policies and Procedures

General Information

  1. Respect the right of others.  Treat other students and adults as you wish to be treated.
  2. Punctuality Class starts at 7:30 a.m.  Students are expected to be in class by 7:30 a.m.  Students must arrive on time to all classes, brining with them necessary materials. 
  3. Textbooks  Books must be covered when issued and kept in good condition; students are responsible for lost or damaged books.
  4. Dress Code  Students must wear a MAHS shirt or their SLC shirt at all times.  These shirts may not be altered or tied to show cleavage or midriffs.
  5. Homework  Students will be assigned homework on a regular basis and must be completed per teacher instruction.
  6. School I.D. Cards  Students must carry I.D. cards at all times.
  7. Absences  Following an absence, a student must bring a note from his/her parent to the Attendance Office windows before 7:20 a.m.
  8. Appointments  Students can not leave school without permission.  Parents/Guardians, with identification, must always check out their son/daughter through the Main Office before leaving school.  The student must bring a note to the office on the morning of his/her appointment.
  9. Meals  At nutrition and lunch, students are to remain in the eating area and keep it clean.  All classroom and office buildings are off limits during these times.
  10. Restrooms must be kept clean and free of litter.  They will be available at all times, but students are asked to use them during breaks and passing periods.
  11. Medication  When medication must be taken at school, it must be registered/stored with the school nurse.  The nurse must have written directions from both the prescribing physician and the parent/guardian.
  12. Physical Education Program and Clothing  All 9th & 10th grade students will have a course in Physical Education.  Students must dress in the complete P.E. uniform, which includes shirt & shorts, socks and athletic shoes.
  13. Hall Passes  Students must request a hall pass and teacher's permission to leave classrooms.  Students may not be out of class without a hall pass.
  14. Safety  Random metal scan searches will be conducted on a regular basis to ensure the safety of students.
  15. Dismissal  The bell is a signal for the teacher to dismiss the class.
  16. Clubs and Activities  Students are encouraged to participate in school clubs/activities.
  17. P.E. Excuses  Excuses longer than three (3) days must be cleared by the Health Office with a note from the doctor.
  18. Bicycles  No riding bicycles on campus.
  19. Skateboards are not appropriate due to the lack of storage.