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Payroll Forms

Absences due to:
  1. Your own personal illness, injury, medical appointment
  2. Workers’ compensation absences
  3. Illness, injury, medical appointment of your immediate family member
  4. Pregnancy related illness / parental leave
**If you need to upload verification for your absence, select "YES" in section #6**
  • All other absences not related to illness, including on-campus meetings that require coverage, professional development, and field trips.
  • For absences due to meetings, PD, or field trips, select option "M", identify as "Meeting" / "PD" / "Field Trip" and provide explanation of meeting/location
  • Reasons must be covered under your bargaining agreement.  Go to Payroll Information tab to see if your absence qualifies for personal necessity.
**Some absences may require you to upload verification for your absence**
  • Absences related to COVID or vaccination
  • Reasons under Category 1 are protected for five (5) days; additional days will be deducted from benefited time available (i.e., IL, PN or KC)
  • Reasons under Category 2 are protected for five (5) days; additional days will be deducted from illness balance unless medical verification is provided.
  • Coverage effective January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022.
**If you were directed to submit documentation, select "YES" in section #4**